Welome to the DATA Member Standards Review.
The point here is to chart best practices and standards evolution in the digital asset space among our members so we can compare it to ongoing work and share common progress. Let's get started!
First of all, is your company a DATA member? *

Let's learn a bit about you. In what areas of the digital asset industry is your company presently active? *

Which of the following operational challenges apply to your business?

Let's talk AML / KYC (Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer) Issues.

Do you have an AML Policy?

Do you have a KYC policy?

Do you use a KYC agent?

What % of operational funds do you devote to AML/KYC issues?

Are you currently registered as an MSB with FinCEN or your local jurisdiction financial regulator?

If Yes, are you registered because...

Let's talk ID. What information do you collect? *

How do you maintain your ID data? *

Let's talk security. Which of the following practices do you currently follow? *

How many of your staff are responsible for data system security?

Let's talk consumer protection. Do you offer the following? *

Which methods of contact and assistance do you offer customers? *

What's the single best thing you've done to improve standards in digital assets? *

How would you rate your knowledge of regulatory issues in digital assets? From 0 being clueless to 10 being a regulator. *

Please share a bit about your company so we can crunch the numbers.

How many employees does your company have?

How much revenue did your company do in 2014? *

Which markets do you operate in? *

What areas of activity would you most like to see DATA focus on in 2015?

Thanks for participating.
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